US Esta Visa requirement for Chilean visitors

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At noon today, the Chilean ambassador to the United States, Felipe Bulnes, attending his last official activity in the North American territory, before finally returning to Chile to devote himself entirely to his role as an agent at The Hague in the Bolivian demand.

While much of his diplomatic duties ended last January, especially he booked the last days of February to be present at the crucial announcement made today the US Homeland Security, the pattern of the Chilean Interior Ministry. Event in which also will present the Foreign Minister Alfredo Moreno, in his last visit to the North American country.

This is the official entry of Chile to the Esta Visa Waiver program, which eliminates the requirement for a visa to enter the United States, which will facilitate the exchange of visitors as the deadline from next May 1.

By signing the agreement, Chile will be the only country in Latin America that have the benefit, which in the past had Argentina and Brazil, among others.

However, after the attack on the Twin Towers in 2001, the United States completely changed their income and security systems, raising the requirements to its visitors. Thus, the change of status of Chile comes after a long process of negotiations, whose first step was the naming of Chile as a candidate to enter the program in June 2013. At that date, Ambassador Felipe Bulnes already in functions in Washington and by the Foreign Minister Moreno led the efforts to meet the requirements. Among them, get a rejection rate of less than 3% visas, have an electronic passport, and a number of cooperation agreements in cases of serious, terrorist and modifications to the extradition treaty between the two countries offenses.

In practical terms, getting permission is needed to obtain the new Chilean passport (e) and fill out an application through the website, with a questionnaire more limited than at present with a maximum of 72 hours before the trip. Among other facilities, also it reduced its cost of US $ 160 to US $ 14 and will last for two years. You do not need any proof to board, as the authorization system will communicate by mail directly to the airlines. “It is a tremendous joy to make this project a reality, on the meaning and impact for Chileans,” said Ambassador Bulnes, who after signing the agreement plans to offer a dinner at his residence to celebrate.

Esta available for Australians visiting the U.S

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ESTA, short for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, is a measure that was undertaken the U.S Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as an effort to curb the increasing security concerns towards the United States of America. It requires that the citizens of countries in the Waiver Program, to apply for the ESTA, prior to their travel into the U.S.A either by land, air or water. The Visa Waiver Program has over the years simplified traveling into the U.S for the citizens of the member countries. The only requirement for the visitors of the country has been to have a passport that can be read electronically. Visitors have, since early 2009, been required to have the ESTA for them to be admitted into the country.

esta application for australiansIt is important to comprehend however, that this ESTA is not a visa, but rather a screening mechanism that enables the Department of Homeland Security to determine which individuals are coming into the country and what their purpose in the country might be. The application for the ESTA should be done at least three days before the intended travel into the U.S.A. Should the applicant fail in the screening, they are advised to apply for a visa, preferably the Visitor Visa, depending on what cluster they fall into. Application for the two is online. The ESTA application process takes a few minutes of the applicant’s time, and it does not require the applicant to fill a lot of information. The applicant just fills information on his or her background and current occupation and possibly the purpose of travel.

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization is valid for two years, and it can be renewed for future trips into the U.S.A. if they are made after the expiry of the previous ESTA.

This documentation is very crucial for any individual who plans to get into the U.S.A, because, without it, one can be denied entry into the country, and get stranded at the customs., They may also be forced to go back to the country he was coming from or divert to another country. This forces one to incur unnecessary extra costs.

The ESTA is, therefore, necessary for all citizens of countries that are part of the Waiver Program, who plan to visit U.S.A. This also includes the Waiver Program members who are on transit in the U.S.A. It goes without mentioning, Children who are on a layover in the U.S.A., or visiting in the country will also require the ESTA. Australia is one of the countries in the Visa Waiver Program, which is why Australian citizens wishing to travel to the U.S and have applied for ESTA can go there for business or leisure purposes.

Germans can Now Travel to Canada with an ETA Visa

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Starting March 15, 2016, German nationals will need the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) program to transit or visit Canada by air. The Canada ETA program is similar to the digital verification program implemented in Australia and the United States. It is for short-term stays for business and tourism activity visitors but does not include work.

How to Apply
To apply for Canada ETA, you must hold a passport, credit card (American Express, Visa, and MasterCard) and an email address to fill out the online form. Also, you will need to submit biographical and background information, occupation, and previous travel as well as a processing fee of $7 CAD. The authorization to travel will then be granted via the website, and you will need to print it out and submit to the appropriate officials together with other travel documents before you leave for Canada. If you are unable to apply electronically due to mental or physical disability, you can submit a normal application form. However, Germans who are entering Canada at a seaport or land are not required to submit an ETA application before arriving in Canada.

At the end of the form, there is a free-text field, which asks you to indicate briefly if there are other additional details pertinent to your application. This allows you to express your urgent need to travel to Canada. When you have successfully filled out your application, you will receive CIC automated email confirming the receipt of the application. The email will have the GCMS application number and a link to allow you check the status of your ETA application any time.

This Kanada Visum is electronically linked to your German passport and valid until your passport expires or five years, whichever comes first. However, the Canadian government has the discretion to cancel your ETA based on public policy consideration and inadmissibility factors. This includes a situation where you either provide false information during the application process or where you present a security risk.

The Germans applying for work or study permit will be deemed to constitute an application for Kanada Visum. So, you will not need to submit a separate ETA application. The flight crews, diplomats and dual citizens (Germany and Canada) will also be accepted from the ETA, but must have a temporary resident visa at a Canadian visa office.

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The summary of what you will undergo when you want to travel to Canada from Germany from March 15, 2016:

Sign up on the ETA website of Canada and pay the fee
Fill the application form
Wait for your approval or rejection
Book your trip if you have been approved
Show your Canada ETA before boarding your cruise ship or plane
Arrive in Canada and show your ETA to the CBSA officers
If you are admissible, enter Canada.
Remember, applicants whose ETA will be refused will be given the clarification through their email.